American Individualism in Hollywood

Hi, everyone! I recently made a YouTube channel where I’m taking some of my more serious, long-form pop-culture essay ideas and turning them into video essays. It’s a baby channel right now, but I’m hoping to create as many videos as I can and upload them on a consistent schedule (which at the moment will be about one per month until I can get into a good editing groove.) If you’re interested in video essays about Hollywood ideology, in-depth explainers, and pop culture critique, I’d love if you could check out my channel. I’ll still continue to post my usual weekly blog posts.

My newest video is about the influence of American Individualism in Hollywood. As Americans, we often take for granted the idea that each of us has a unique ability to shape our own lives. We don’t realize that this ideology, known as “American Individualism,” didn’t appear out of thin air. In fact, we can see its influence in almost all of our media, especially Hollywood movies. In this video, I’lll discuss three versions of American Individualism through the lens of iconic American films: High Noon, Taxi Driver, and The Pursuit of Happyness. I’ll also discuss the history of the ideology and its effect on modern American society. You can watch the video below:

I’d love to hear any comments or constructive criticism. If you like the video, feel free to subscribe to the channel. I’m also open to any sort of topic suggestions. As I said, this is a fledgling channel, so any ideas are welcome. I hope you enjoy!

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