Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to my mind trap, a.k.a the place where my multitude of thoughts about movies, music, books, and my beloved television are released into the void. I’m going to discuss everything from color symbolism to car commercials to that one song I heard in that Interstellar trailer (Surprise! It was from V for Vendetta. My main man, Dario Marianelli- you’ll hear more about him).  I have plans, not dreams, to land in the film business, whether it’s directing, screenwriting, or getting sandwiches. Feel free to comment with your opinions (the stronger the better) and I’ll try not to start a heated argument. So where to start? As a great man once said, ” begin at the beginning.” I thought that man was JFK, but apparently it was Lewis Carroll. Nah, I’m just kidding you. It was JFK.

Anyways! For your listening pleasure, here’s that song I was talking about.  “Evey Reborn”.  Close your eyes. Relax. Start thinking about Interstellar. Cry a little. Get angry about the timey-wimey paradox stuff. Relax. Think some more. Ponder how Matthew McConaughey went to space when he only went because the books fell and he was the one who caused the books to fall in the first place. Get really, really angry. Relax.

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